About Brenda

Brenda Ittner is Nose 2 Tail Dog Training’s owner/trainer with many years of experience training dogs in different dog sports including Agility and Nosework.  

“After training and competing with my labrador, Jake, in agility for 7 years I was looking for a different activity to help keep him active and healthy after retiring him.  I discovered Nosework and have been hooked ever since. I now train and compete my 2 younger Golden Retrievers, Kaeli and Brianna, as well.  I am competing in CPE, USDAA, NACSW, and AKC venues.”

So What and Why is Nosework for You??

Nosework is the fun game of having the dog search for essential odors (Birch, Anise, and Clove) in different environments. This searching can help build the dog’s confidence especially for those nervous dogs, reduce environmental sensitivities, and provide mental and physical exercise for all dogs, no matter age. Teamwork is also built along the way between the dog and owner which overall helps the human animal bond.

Every dog has a natural ability to succeed and have fun with Nosework. Here are some of the reasons why Nosework might be for you and your dog.

  • No prior training is needed
  • Even dogs that have some issues like being shy, fearful or even reactive dogs can have fun with this game because the dogs are kept separated while actually searching
  • All Breeds are welcome to play including mixed breeds
  • This is a great activity for High-energy dogs on cold winter days to help keep them mentally challenged
  • Even dogs that are older or disabled dogs use their nose and brain power to play the hunt game at their own pace
  • For those looking for more of a challenge Trials are available to test your skills–See Our Events Page for more trial information

  So if you think you might want to give Nosework a try contact us today at 218-232-2170 or email us at nose2taildogtraining@gmail.com